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Black pomegranate creates the warmest of invitations with a dark scent that is rich and fruity and will leave you wanting more.


Turn the lights off and take it all in


Our reed diffusers can last up to twelve months when opened.


Only use 5 reeds at a time to maximise airflow


Dont forget to turn your reed sticks around to prevent drying out!


Contemporary Mixology 200ml Black Pomegranate

  • All of our diffusers are made by hand here in the UK. 

    We use high quality parfum essence and essential oils derived from natural ingriedients to create a luxurious scent.

    Always remember to turn your diffuser sticks around to prevent drying out and to maintain a long lasting fragrance.

    All of our diffusers conform to testing requirments set out by UK/EU regulations. Always read the  product guidelines attached to your product to ensure maximum scent release and safety.

    Not suitable for Children