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Impact experiences, buy your wellbeing including spa days golfing and fitness
spa retreat

Impact Experiences has brought together some of the best expertise in the fitness and leisure sector to create a hub of health and wellbeing.

With their vast connections in the leisure sector, Impact Experiences has partnered with some of the best four and five star hotels across the UK to bring you great value gym memberships, spa day deals as well as golf day packages.

ODD Animal Rescue is unique in the way that it is a specialist centre for Old, Disabled and Damaged animals. Many of these poor animals have been thrown away and left abandoned, abused beaten and tortured. ODD Animals provides a place of sanctuary and care to give these animals their end forever home here in the UK

IAM makes organic soy/coconut wax scented candles, reed diffusers, organic hair and body care. The proceeds of which are given to ODD animals to continue their extraordinary work

ODD Animals rescue charity
Ecologi logo
peruvian rain forest destroyed

Ecologi is a spirited, forward thinking project group who compensate your carbon footprint by funding climate projects. They have accomplished great outcomes but their ambition is far bigger. From replanting baron land in the UK,  replenishing homes for wildlife to helping protect the Peruvian Amazon rain forest are to name but a few.


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IAM are proud to be a third party contributor to Ecologi. A proportion of the money we spend on making and sourcing our scented candles, reed diffusers, organic hair and body care, goes to Ecologi to help fund projects combating climate change. IAM cares about sustainability and the world we live in. See our philosophy page to understand more.

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