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Black Oud scented candle in black glass with a gold lid

Black Oud Deluxe Candle

300 Grams

Black Oud is a scent which has long been used in perfumery. Aromatic and complex Oud is warm with a sweetness mixed with woody and spicey notes.


Average burn time is 50hrs

Only 2 left in stock
  • All of our candles are made by hand here in the UK. This process using high quality wax and enhanced glass has a natural two way cooling process. This may lead what we call bubbling within the candle where the wax cools at a different rate to the glass and is perfectly normal

    We use high quality parfum essence and essential oils derived from natural ingriedients to create a luxurious scent

    All of our candles conform to testing requirments set out by UK/EU regulations. Always read the  product guidelines attached to your product to ensure maximum burn time and safety.

    Not suitable for Children

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